Avivo ™ HD future today ... AMD LIVE! ™ AMD GAME! ™

      The Computec makes computers and servers AMD ™ and Intel ®, always striving for excellence in their products, incorporating modern video cards, ATI Radeon ™ GPUs integrated chipset AMD ™ Digital Surround Sound and HD, is ideal for computer work, entertainment, multimedia and games with cutting edge technology and technical assistance, makes their products unbeatable for those who want a customized computer.

    Chipset AMD™, stable and reliable platform for corporate customers with high performance SATA controllers.

    ATI Avivo™ Technology is Digital Image Processing with accelerators 2D / 3D unprecedented in IGP (Integrated Graphics Processor), videos in better resolution, Windows ® Aero 7 Shake, Peek and Snap.

Dual Monitor, innovation ... the computer that is worth two

    Our computers have so much performance that we put two monitors, expanding the desktop. Two monitors side by side can be advantageous to monitor a large scale. You end up having a viewing area much more usable, for example, can open two different applications one on each monitor, with no need to memorize this content to minimize a window. The advantage can be summed up in one word: productivity.